Canine Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy)

Canine rehabilitation / physio is a complementary therapy that uses non-invasive techniques to improve or to help maintain locomotor function – in particular the joint flexibility, overall condition with better muscle strength, improved blood circulation and healing capacities, as well as reducing pain caused by swelling, contracted muscles, …  We facilitate and accelerate the recovery of our patient after injury / surgery / disease, or we help maintain the better overall body condition of older dogs, dogs with chronic joint problems (hips, elbows, spine,…)


Who applies?

Dogs (and other small animals):

  • with muscle, tendon or ligament injury
  • after orthopaedic or neurologic surgery
  • with chronic degenerative joint diseases
  • with reduced overal condition and strength due to older age or past injury
  • sporting dogs for improved performance and better injury prevention


Our Dogs4motion Rehabilitation and Hydro Center (Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia)



Overall orthopedic and neurological examination with gait analysis, musculature evaluation, joint health and mobility, and goniometry and thigh circumference measurements. We adress neurological state of the dog by checking the reflexes.

Diagnosis can be made based on history and examination, a further treatment is planned, or we make arrangements on any extra needed examinations.

Preventive check ups are important, because we may be able to spot a potential problem quickly enough to begin with treatment in time – before the troubles can develop into a worse situation. The longer a problem is there, the longer the recovery is needed: therefore, timely action can be of crucial importance.

For sporting and working dogs it is important to evaluate overall body condition in order to follow the progress in physical abilities. 



By the use of rehab/physio services, we can greately contribute to improving the physical wellbeing of our dogs, make a recovery after injury/disease faster and more successful, and reach a quicker return to normal life. With regular preventive check-ups and timely therapies, we can provide working and sporting dogs to reach their peak performance and working abilities. We can help to reduce pain in older dogs and improve their mobility, general fitness level and thus enable them to stay active until much older age.

Because we believe the knowledge and cooperation of dog owners is of extreme importance, we also devote a lot of time to you – besides therapies and regular monitoring we will also prepare you instructions on how to continue with joint mobilization, stretching, massageing at home, to actively involve you in the treatment of your dog as well as to improve also your bond with your dog.



Hydrotherapy is a controlled exercise in an aquatic environment that exploits the physical properties of water for therapeutic purposes. The lifting force of the water reduces the pressure of the body weight and allows the movement with little or no movement. without pressure on the joints. Hydrostatic pressure acts as a body massage, improves blood flow and reduces swelling. The heat of the water relaxes the muscles and increases the elasticity of the tendons and ligaments and accelerates the circulation. Because of these characteristics, water is an unique and safe environment for rehabilitation of patients after injuries / operations of the musculoskeletal system, neurological patients, older dogs and dogs with chronic diseases with difficulties or pain in movement. Regular exercise in water improves cardiovascular endurance and strengthens muscles, making it an excellent supplemental method for maintaining condition of healthy dogs, overweight dogs, and improved physical condition of sports and working dogs.


K-laser - high power Laser therapy:

by continuous and pulsed laser therapy we asses body cells by process called photobiomodulation, which improves cell metabolism and blood flow to help with faster regeneration. It is benefitial for decreasing pain, inflammation and for a faster regeneration after injuries, surgeries, with muscle tensions and chronic or acute pain in hips, spine or other joints.


Ultrasound therapy:

mechanical and thermical effects of ultrasound waves works as a micromassage and helps to reduce pain, release muscles and adhesive tissues, and improves regeneration by increasing also the blood flow. Especially usefull with treating tendon and msucle injuries.


Manual  therapy:

To relax tensed and contracted muscles, relieve pain and maintain or improve joint flexibility

  • therapeutic massage and stretching
  • PROM (passive range of motion)
  • trigger-point release 
  • fascia release
  • scar tissue mobilization

We combine the massage often with laser, ultrasound or thermotherapy – heat pads, to warm up and relax the muscles, and to make them ready for manipulation. Improved blood circulation also provides improved muscle regenneration.

Cryotherapy: The use of Cold/ice packs for reducing acute swelling and edema.



the use of electrostimulation for building back the muscle strength after atrophies, reducing edemas and to reduce pain in joints or other body parts by eletctroanalgesy (local or segmental).


Therapeutic exercise:

Assisted exercise with the use of therapeutic equipment (swiss balls, physio rolls, cavaletties, …) to regain muscle strength, balance and coordination after surgery, injuries, or neurological diseases. Our goal is to return the dog to his normal life activities as soon as possible (walking up/down stairs, jumping in the car, etc), or to fully return into working or sporting fields.


We perform the THERAPIES in Dogs4motion Rehab & Hydro center (Dobja vas 253, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem) by an arrangement.

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