Agility specific video to properly warm up and cool down your canine athlete before and after every dog training session and competition


We will focus on thorough preparation specifically designed for the agility dog:

  • Why it is important,
  • How it helps prevent sports-related injuries and improve performance,
  • Setting up a proper three-dimensional warm-up routine with dynamic exercises,
  • We’ll take a look at a cool-down routine with stretching exercises,
  • And answer frequently asked questions about warm-ups/cool-downs I get when lecturing at workshops and seminars.



Important! The Warm-up / Cool-down Routine is held at our new online academy platform www.dogs4motionacademy.com , so please read more and register through the Dogs4motion Academy platform here: READ MORE


Dogs4motion, Jana Gams s.p.

+386 40 186 321

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